A Video Testimony Of Faith In God From A Heavenly Hands Realty Agent
By www-heavenlyhandsrealty-com October 02, 2018
A Video testimony of Faith In God From Our Real Estate Agent
A Video testimony of Faith In God

There is always a testimony to tell in all of our transactions, big or small. We heard a special story from one of our Heavenly Hands Realty team members that we just had to share with you!

During a real estate transaction, their are many steps from contract to closing. Marketing a home, getting through the inspection,  doing an appraisal, etc. The process could have so many obstacles and curve balls and yet somehow, some way, we always end up at the finish line.

This story that we are sharing with you is from a potentially troublesome inspection that turned into a successful, peculiar, and positive result.

We were all on our way to a gated community for a 9:00 am inspection. The buyer’s agents, inspector, and  the listing agent (Heavenly Hands Realty Agent) were all stuck at the gate and couldn’t enter. The seller of the home was not answering the phone and the gate guard would not allow anyone through without the consent of the seller.

As it turns out, the seller had a late night and forgot to set the alarm in the morning! Now this was the beginning of what could’ve been a total disaster.

The buyer’s agent was getting frustrated, the inspector was feeling impatient, but the listing agent (Heavenly Hands Realty Agent) was calm. Calling his client on  over and over again was all he could do but with God’s help, nothing is impossible and so he began to pray. “Dear God, I ask that you please make it so we can enter through this gate in a timely manner, that You answer my prayer with all of you glory and let this become a testimony for all to hear. In your precious name I pray, Amen.”

No sooner than the listing agent finish his prayer, the phone begins to ring. It was the seller… She apologized (she was sleeping) and said that we can now enter through the gate. At this point, you may be thinking that this was just a coincidence but here is where it gets interesting…

As the listing agent enters the home and begins greeting his seller, the seller told him the most peculiar thing happened to her this morning. She said that her extremely well behaved dog jumped on the bed and began barking at her. Mind you, her dog has never done that before to the point where she had to mention it to the listing agent. Her dog literally woke her up from a deep sleep while the listing agent was in prayer!

This testimony was so amazing we just had to share it with you.

Literally the listing agent asked God for assistance and immediately received an answer in a special way. God, The Dog Whisperer!

I thank you for reading our testimony today, be ready because their will be many more to come.

Please remember if it is time for you or your friends and family to buy, sell, or rent a home, business, or office please consider working with us at Heavenly Hands Realty. We will focus all of our time, energy, and resources to help you with all of your needs regardless of price, time frame, and number of requests. We have everything you need to help make your transaction smooth and successful, from attorneys to inspectors and most of all, we have God Almighty on our side!

May God Bless You!

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