There Is Nothing To Fear When God Is By Your Side
By www-heavenlyhandsrealty-com October 11, 2018
there is nothing to fear
There Is Nothing To fear

It brings us great joy to share our faith in God to all who will listen (or read) and many times, in real estate we are faced with all kinds of fears. Understandingly so… Buying, selling, and renting real estate is one of the biggest decisions in anyone’s life. It affects where we lay our heads, our finances, where we work, even our entire lifestyle. There is plenty to think and worry about, but, in reality we should have nothing to fear other than God himself. This is why we should always remember to pray to our God in Heaven for guidance, wisdom, and understanding especially when these major decisions are being made. We don’t know when the next real estate crash can happen, we don’t know if the rates will continue to rise, we don’t know when the next economic or natural disaster will strike. What we do know, however, is that through prayer and seeking God’s guidance, He will lead and guide us with the exact intentions of His heart and you will have clarity and peace without the fear of the things we cannot control.

May God Bless You In All Your Endeavors!

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