A Prayer for Our Many Blessings
By www-heavenlyhandsrealty-com October 04, 2018
We Live In Paradise
We Live in Paradise, Thank You God For Our Blessings But There are still many out there that are struggling let us pray for them.

This week at Heavenly Hands Realty we would like to take the time and share that we should truly enjoy where we live and/or work.

Whether we are in the process of moving, upgrading, downsizing, a career change, or investing we should always be grateful for our current situation. There are so many people in this world that do not have a home to lay their heads, food to eat, or a safe place to live/work.

Whatever stressful or difficult situation you may find yourself in, we just want to have a moment and share a prayer with you that will help us understand our many blessings and remain patient while we wait for God to unleash the desires of our hearts because he will lead and guide us to exactly what we pray for, on His time.


Father God, Creator of Heavens and Earth, we come before you with gratitude for your constant presence and our safe keeping. You have always kept us close to your heart in safety with a place to call home, a career to support our families, and a meal to nourish our hearts. As we pray to you, God, we ask for patience during these moments that we await Your Glory, and we know that You are here with us, watching our actions, listening to our prayers, and offering us Your heavenly guidance. God, we pray for the people that are less fortunate and for you to show them Your glory, keep them safe from harm and starvation. May you bless each and everyone that prays in your name. Amen.

Please remember if it is time for you or your friends and family to buy, sell, or rent a home, business, or office please consider working with us at Heavenly Hands Realty. We will focus all of our time, energy, and resources to help you with all of your needs regardless of price, time frame, and number of requests. We have everything you need to help make your transaction smooth and successful, from attorneys to inspectors and most of all, we have God Almighty on our side!

May God Bless You!

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